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Jump Start

Book 1

Walks in the Garden Cover - Ready Bible

Go on an adventure with The BackYard Trio as they Walk in the Garden of Eden.  EZ shares the story of God's creation on this Earth with Avra and Scooter.  Learn what God did in six days, and what He did when Adam and Eve disobeyed Him. (Gen 1:1 , Gen 3:24)

Book 2

Floats Their Boat Book-1 Bible Stories.j

The BackYard Trio continues on their journey through the Bible after Walks in the Garden.  EZ tells Scooter and Avra the stories of Cain and Abel, and Noah and the Ark.  Listen in on how EZ unfolds these stories, and the lessons learned along the way. (Gen 4:1 , Gen 9:17)

Book 3

Babble on About Babylon Book-1 Bible Sto

After the flood, the Trio embarks upon a breathtaking journey to the Tower of Babel. They bring their friends, Larry Mills the Horse and Jami Jo the Squirrel, along with them. EZ also tells the story of Abram, Sarai, and Lot's journey to Egypt. (Gen.10:1, Gen.13:7)

Book 4

Which Way Did They Go Book-1 Bible Stori

JT the Duck drops in on EZ, Scooter, and Avra as they continue the journey with Abram, Sarai, and Lot.  Come along and walk down the different paths Abram and Lot takes. Also learn about Abram's family and the name changes God Makes.  (Gen 13:8 - Gen 18:15)