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     Sara Kendall was born in East Texas in 1964 and has spent most of her life in Texas.  Being a middle child of seven, she entertained herself in books where her passion for writing began.

     As an adult she has a special place in her heart for children and had taught ages 4-12 in different churches.  She also was a church secretary in Alpine, Texas.

     In 1992 she met Jason Burkhardt, her co-author for The BackYard Trio series, at the Christian shelter in Van Horn, Texas where he was the administrator, and she was a volunteer.  Together they volunteered at different missions in different towns, as well as taught children and adults in a church in Hickory, North Carolina.

     In 2002 Sara and Jason gave life to The BackYard Trio after watching their own pets’ behavior.  Combining the characters and situations in the Bible along with the lovable animals in the books gives the children an enjoyable journey through the Bible.

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