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Wonderful series! The entire BackYard Trio series is an adorable journey through the Bible. The stories are well written for young children to understand. The artwork is bright, colorful, and beautiful!


Engaging way to share the Bible Stories with your children.

Great book! The authors weave the stories of the Bible seamlessly with animal stories to keep the children engaged. The books in this series are perfect for ages 4-8 but my thirteen-year-old enjoyed it as well. Anyone looking for a fun way to share God's stories with their children will consider these books a must read!


My granddaughter was entertained by the animals relating biblical truths in a concise, entertaining prose. A must read for parents/grandparents looking for a different way to relay Bible stories. I can't wait for the next one!


This is a Great book! I have read Walks in the Garden cover to cover, and it is a wonderful story for children. The animals in the book tell a captivating story of the creation of the earth.


This series is a great way to teach young children about what’s inside the Bible and what it means. Walks in the Garden book deals with the first part of Genesis. And it is written in such a way that young children will love it and want to read it for themselves. Also, it would be great for adult literacy and ESL classes that are faith based. The illustrations are very delightful as well. If you grew up with The Spire Books Arch series these are very reminiscent of that. Take the time and read this story with a young person.


The second book in The BackYard Trio series, Floats Their Boat, deals with the story of Noah and the flood from Genesis. What stood out to me the most while reading this was the Family Tree page that showed Adam and Eve’s descendants up to Noah. This would make a great info graphic for teaching this part of the Bible. It will especially help visual learners. This series is a great resource for teaching the Bible to all ages.


Babble On About Babylon is the next book of the ongoing BackYard Trio Bible Stories for children. I enjoyed the artwork, which will greatly appeal to children who love animals. It also included a piece of art that explains the story for those who are visual learners. That is something I look forward to in each of the stories. This part of the series was about Noah’s descendants and some of the things they did to gain displeasure in the eyes of the Lord. I won’t say what they are, I don’t want to spoil the outcome. I look forward to the next part of this series.


Walks in the Garden is a gentle and amusing approach to introducing God and the Bible to young children. One very wise dog opens up the theological discussion with his housemates, another dog and a young kitten who is most curious and inquisitive. I hope the author continues with this cast of pets telling more stories from the Bible aimed at young audiences.


Book 2 in the BackYard Trio Series, Floats Their Boat, looks at Genesis from Cain and Able to Noah’s Ark. This is a sweet, approach to the Bible for children using two dogs and a kitten as guides. They tell the stories from scripture in a very relatable format. I highly recommend this series to parents and children.


The BackYard Trio series continues with Babble On About Babylon and the start of Abram’s move to Canaan. The three pets and their animal friends offer viewpoints that give kids and their adults good questions and a good basic understanding of the Bible. These books are also terrific for attracting children to the Bible with its fun presentation - I laughed at the picture of the Chaldean Moving Company. All around a winning series!


In the continuing series of the BackYard Trio, dogs EZ and Scooter tell more of the Bible story to their kitten Avra and JT, a visiting duck. “Which Way Did They Go” tells of Abram, Sarai and Lot going their separate ways and Abram and Sarai’s promise from God that they would have many offspring. I find these books to be very faithful to the Bible in a format that is entertaining and appealing to children. I highly recommend this book and the entire series to parents, grandparents and anyone interested in sharing the Good News with young ones.


Walks in the Garden is a sweet story. Children enjoy animals. Having a simple and more relatable way to tell stories of the Bible to children is nice. This book helps do that. We meet a kitten in her new home as she meets some dogs. They get to telling her the story of how God created the world, and the animals were named. But they talk more about creation and families can too. This is a fun story helping to introduce a Bible story with this book and talking about the Bible too as a great way to ease into Bible lessons. It is a good book for early elementary age because the set up and lengthy of information as well as detail seems better suited for older children. Illustrations are well-done with attractive coloring. I recommend this book and look forward to reading more about these characters! This would be a nice book to have in a home or church class library. I hope the author continues with this cast of pets telling more stories from the Bible aimed at young audiences.


Floats Their Boat is a nice look at the stories from Genesis including Noah’s Ark. Children can enjoy learning about the Bible from a kitten and a couple of dogs. It is a cute idea with enjoyable characters. The illustrations are wonderful too. This is a nice book for families and Bible lessons to help tell Bible stories along with Bible readings. This is book two in the series, and I have read the first book and look forward to reading more. I recommend this book.


The story, the characters and the illustrations are all wonderful in this book, Which Way Did They Go. I have read a few in this series of children's books and love each one. This one can stand alone, but you'll like it best if you read the continuing series in order. But it is still great if you haven't. If you have read the others you will continue to enjoy the characters full of personality. Children learn about the Bible along with some animal friends. It is a great way to help teach about the Bible and the characters' stories in the Bible. The Bible verses of the stories included are there too so you can read the story in the Bible then read the book. Perfect! This book focuses on Abram, Sarai, and Lot. A fun way to help teach Bible lessons.


I have read other books in this series, and it is a great way to tell children Bible stories. The characters are cute and the story telling is done very well. The characters tell the Bible story with the animals learning from one another. The illustrations are creative as well helping keep children engaged. I'd use this to go along with a Bible lesson to bring the story to life for children and help teach it. It is wonderful because it also provides the Bible verses that include the story and other elements the main character talks about as well, which is helpful too.


Walks In the Garden is the first of the series. In this book Avra is a kitten who comes to live with a new family and in her new family they have two dogs. At first Avra is scared, but then when Scooter asked her name, she is shocked that a big dog could be so nice. That is when she introduces her to EZ, the other dog. Avra being a curious kitty has many questions and these questions eventually lead to EZ telling her the story of how God created the world and of Adam and Eve. When I got this book, I knew the real reviewer would be my daughter Stephanie. When we started the book, I had her complete attention along with the pictures in the book. It isn’t very long, but long enough to entertain a six-year-old. She had many questions by the time it was over and so I would call this book a win win. And therefore would highly recommend it. It is a great way to get your child better acquainted with the teachings of the Bible and all the reasons God is so good.


In the second book with The BackYard Trio, Floats Their Boat, EZ is a Harlequin Great Dane, Scooter is a Black Lab Birddog mix and then there’s Avra a cute gray kitty. EZ and Scooter are still teaching Avra about the Bible and also because Scooter loves hearing the stories. In this the second edition of The BackYard Trio they are stuck inside and can’t go play, Avra can’t take a nap in the sun, so EZ tells them more stories about the Bible and this time she talks about Noah and how people lived a long time back and even about Methuselah the man who live the longest. She even explains about the rainbow and God’s promise. My daughter loved this book I think more than the first. She loves the story of Noah and the animals and even has a nose art of her own, but I don’t think she has as many animals as Noah did. LOL! I highly recommend this book. My daughter Stephanie is very particular when it comes to children’s books and very much dislikes when people are mean to someone in the book, even if there is a redemption at the end. So these books are perfect for her, and she loves all the dogs and the kitty get along so nicely. So just like with book one I highly recommend the second book as well. If you love Christian books for your children, these are perfect. It is not obtrusive or preachy. And to be honest I didn’t know about the rainbow in Gods promise either, so I too learn something from this book. I found it a very fun read and enjoyable to share with my child and highly recommend it. I absolutely loved it!


In the third book of The BackYard Trio, Babble On about Babylon, we find the Trio on a walk when they run into Jamie Jo the squirrel who speaks a different language. This starts EZ telling the story about the tower and mean old Nimrod, the grandson of Noah, and about how unlike his grandfather who lived in the spirit, Nimrod lived in the world. They also touch on a few of the subjects and once again it was a hit. Another great children’s Christian book that my little girl loved. I believe this is our favorite as they run into squirrels and a horse name Larry Mills and Avra goes up the tree. I find these stories so great and especially needed in the world we live in today. The only way for our children to have stable lives is to give them a good foundation and bringing them up in the word is a great foundation for that stability. I hope they have more books like this one in the works or already published. She loves books as does her mother and I am so happy she loves these books. This is such a great book for any mother wanting to teach her children about the word and it’s a fun way for them to hear all the stories. I highly recommend it. Me and my daughter loved it!


Walks in the Garden is about a little gray and white kitten who has been adopted and named Avra and is exploring her new home. She meets a big black dog named Scooter who introduces her to a white dog with black spots named EZ. They all live together with a woman, a boy, and a man. Scooter and EZ tell Avra how God created the world and God gave mankind the job of naming animals. They go on to tell Avra what else happened in the garden. This is definitely a cute way to introduce kids to Biblical creation. The illustrations are just as cute. I would recommend--could be used at home or church.


Okay so I may have read this book completely out of sequence (started at book three, Babble on About Babylon) but wanted to read it from the start, and to be honest I have learnt a lot from this book about parts of the Bible. It's written in a fun and engaging way for kids to read and it also reads in a way that you recognize, such as you find yourself asking a question, you turn the page, and they are asking that same question. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in learning a bit more about the Bible, at any age!


I'm not a big reader of religious stories, but I thought I'd have a look at this one and I thought it was a genius way to introduce religion to children in a fun way that they are going to remember. I sure am going to remember the facts! Its lighthearted and even though it obviously is about the Bible when you read it, it doesn't seem like a Bible story as I find a lot of them to be a bit of a hard read, whereas this one was fun and easy to read with sweet characters.


The BackYard Trio is an adorable set of books. They educate children with Bible stories. They are great for all ages.


This series is a testament to 'little pitchers have big ears' and 'you never know who's listening' in the best possible ways. The dogs listen in on their master's home Bible study group, then in turn, are able to share the Bible truths with the new kitten. My boys and I enjoyed reading Floats Their Boat together, and look forward to book three, which covers the Tower of Babel, because that's not a common kid's Bible story, and I want to hear how they present it!


Walks in the Garden is a charming book for children that has a wonderful message of God's Word. Highly recommended to parents that want to help their children learn more about the Lord and the Bible. The characters are adorable, and the illustrations pop off the pages. My grandchildren love this adventurous, important, and inspirational story.


"Floats Their Boat" is a charming, delightful, and wonderfully illustrated and narrated children's Christian fiction story that focuses on the Word of God and brings the stories of Cain and Abel, and Noah and the Ark to vivid life where children can easily understand, get excited by, and enjoy. It is adventuresome, entertaining and a very fun read. My granddaughters absolutely love this second book in "The BackYard Trio Bible Stories." Just like "Walks in the Garden" the first book in the series, my granddaughters have had me read this book, "Floats their Boat" over and over again. Both are important books to instill the importance of the Word of God into our children's young lives. There are not very many excellent Christian fiction books that are this amazing for young children as they learn the value of the Lord and His Word. Highly recommended over any other inspirational Christian fiction books for young children. A must buy book for that special child in your life in which you want to instill the Bible and encourage them in the Lord. 5 huge stars for "Floats Their Boat," an adventurous, fun and fully entertaining book in "The BackYard Trio Bible Stories." Be sure to grab a copy of both of books in the series.... "Walks in the Garden"" and "Floats Their Boat." We can't wait for the next book is this exciting inspirational series.


I am a student in the Early Education Program. In my Literacy, Language and Phonics class we have a project that I have chosen to discuss the Tower of Babel. Your book The BackYard Trio Bible Stories Babble on About Babylon is such a wonderful way to tell the story in modern times with animals re-telling the story. I researched several stories and chose your book to use for main story for this theme. Thank you for your work on this great book for children.

Seeking to keep Christ in our education will be an uphill battle but with authors like you I believe we can. God bless you and your work.


I have read all but book 10. Each book has left me wanting to read more. I had given my granddaughter and great granddaughter each a set for birthday gifts. Both of them loved the fact that the animals were telling the story. Their parents showed them where they can read the stories in the Bible!!! A great read for children and grownups too.


The Backyard Trio Walks in the Garden by Sara Kendall and Jason Burkhardt is a simple, fun, and adventurous story that explains the wondrous creation of people and our world in a pleasing and easy manner for younger children to understand while helping to build their faith!!


A brand-new friend has arrived to the family of the Backyard Trio, a small gray and white kitten named Avra, who happens to have lots of questions about who God is and why He created us. Avra discovers she has the very best teachers to tell her all about God and His wonderful creation! A cute black Lab mix named Scooter and a gentle Great Dane named EZ are more than willing to help Avra understand why she was made and what her purpose really is. When they start explaining how God created day and night, Avra becomes even more curious and asks to know when God made her along with the fish and birds. She listens curiously as they tell her all about how God created people on the sixth day and how He rested on the seventh. 


The Backyard Trio Walks in the Garden by Sara Kendall and Jason Burkhardt is the perfect book to teach young ones the story of creation in a fun and easy-to-comprehend way. Adorable, cheerful animal characters and an enchanting vivid green garden is the perfect setting to tell one of the most important lessons in the Bible, the incredible story of Creation. I read this book to my own children, and they enjoyed the delightful, brilliant illustrations and garden, along with how each charming animal played an important role in teaching Avra about God's Word and many important details of His magnificent creation of Earth and everything that's on it!


If you are looking for a gentle and easy to understand book on how to educate and instill the knowledge of our world and how God created it with His perfect design, I highly recommend The Backyard Trio Walks in the Garden for families with children of all ages! This book is a wonderful tool to use along with the Bible or even on its own as a Sunday school lesson!


The Backyard Trio Walks in the Garden by Sara Kendall and Jason Burkhardt is an incredible and charming story that compliments the most wonderful story of all – how we came to be and the creation of our entire planet!! A must have faith-filled book for every family bookshelf! The Backyard Trio Walks in the Garden by Sara Kendall and Jason Burkhardt comes highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café.


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