Our Latest Bible Adventures

Book 10

Ex. 1:1 - 4:17

Book 11

Ex. 4:18 - 12:30

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The trio takes a trip to the veterinarian for a checkup when Avra encounters an old friend from the pound-Gaynell. EZ and Scooter tell the amazing story about God's mission for Moses.

Find out what happened to the Israelites and why they needed to be set free.  (Ex. 1:1 - 4:17).

EZ, Scooter, and Avra are visited by two Love Birds named Kim and Rick. EZ and Scooter tell the tale of when Egypt encounters the plagues. Learn what they are and how Pharaoh reacted to them. (Exodus 4:18-12:30)

About The BackYard Trio

Woof, Woof, Meow! New Book Series Calls on Lovable Animal Friends to Take Children on Uplifting Journeys through the Bible


Masterfully created by Sara Kendall and Jason Burkhardt, ‘The BackYard Trio’ is a rapidly-expanding series of books that teaches children about the Bible, through adventures with a quirky group of animal friends. EZ, Scooter and Avra guide young readers through the Bible’s characters and situations, allowing them to grow closer to their faith while having heaps of fun along the way. One critic recently wrote, “Anyone looking for a fun way to share God's stories with their children will consider these books a must read!”

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Learn About These Subjects in These Books:

Book 1:  The Creation, Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

Book 2:  Adam and Eve fall, Cain and Abel, Noah and The Ark, The Flood, The Rainbow

Book 3:  The Tower of Babel, Nimrod, Different Languages, Abram, Lot, Sarai

Book 4:  Abram's and Sarai's Name Change, Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah, Plain of Mamre, Hagar, Ishmael, Isaac

Book 5:  Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham, Sarah, Lot, Moabites Tribe, Ammon Tribe, Isaac, Hagar, Ishmael

Book 6:  Hagar and Ishmael Sent Away, Sacrifice of Isaac, Rebekah, Abraham and Sarah's Passing, Twelve Princes

Book 7:  Isaac and Rebekah's Twins, Esau Sells His Birthright, Jacob Takes Esau's Blessings, Jacob's Ladder

Book 8:  Jacob and Rachel, Leah, Jacob Wrestles An Angel, Jacob's Name Change, Twelve Tribes of Israel, Edomites

Book 9:  Joseph's Coat, Joseph's Dream, Judah's Sons, Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dream, Manasseh and Ephraim

Book 10: Israelites in Egypt, Moses, Midianites, Burning Bush, Signs From God to Moses 

Book 11: Moses Goes to Egypt, The Ten Plagues, Water Turns To Blood, Darkness in Egypt, First Passover


"Wonderful series!

The entire Backyard Trio series is an adorable journey through the Bible. The stories are well written for young children to understand. The artwork is bright, colorful, and beautiful!"


"Engaging way to share the Bible Stories with your children.

Great book! The authors weave the stories of the Bible seamlessly with animal stories to keep the children engaged. The books in this series are perfect for ages 4-8 but my thirteen year old enjoyed it as well. Anyone looking for a fun way to share God's stories with their children will consider these books a must read!"

""My granddaughter was entertained by the animals relating biblical truths in a concise, entertaining prose. A must read for parents/grandparents looking for a different way to relay Bible stories. I can't wait for the next one!